July 1967 Sawa Shoji Co., Ltd. is established. (Kameari hall and Kanamachi hall open.)
November 1987 The company name changes to DYNAM Co., Ltd.
April 1989 DYNAM recruits the first new graduates.
November 1989 Shibata hall, the first suburban hall, opens (in Niigata Prefecture).
October 1993 DYNAM becomes a member of the Pegasus Club, a chain store research organization.
August 1994 Ebetsu hall, the first standardized low-cost wooden hall, opens (in Hokkaido).
December 1996 DYNAM opens its first regional office in Hokkaido.
July 1997 DYNAM holds its first investor meeting.
September 1997 DYNAM establishes Meishijuku, an internal training center (in Tokyo and Hokkaido).
December 1997 DYNAM acquires investment-grade rating, a first for the pachinko industry.
April 1998 DYNAM establishes a DYNAM Union, the first labor union in the pachinko industry.
March 2001 DYNAM establishes a Tenrei 301 Izukogen Recreation Center, a recreation and training center in Izukogen.
May 2001 The head office building is completed.
August 2001 Takaoka hall, the hundredth hall, opens (in Toyama Prefecture).
June 2004 Yamaguchi Onoda hall, the two hundredth hall, opens (in Yamaguchi Prefecture).
August 2004 DYNAM establishes a Marine Pier Toyoura DYNAM Training Center, a large training facility in western Japan (in Yamaguchi Prefecture).
December 2006 Ebetsu hall (operating low priced balls with a pachinko ball of 2 yen and a slot of 10 yen) opens.
December 2006 DYNAM Holdings Co., Ltd is established.
May 2007 DYNAM Yuttari Kan, a one yen pachinko hall, starts its full operations.
June 2008 The number of DYNAM Yuttari Kan exceeds 100 halls.
DYNAM announces the concept of Shinrai no Mori.
March 2009 Akita Takanosu hall, the first Shinrai no Mori hall and the three hundredth DYNAM hall, opens (in Akita Prefecture).
September 2011 DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. is established, as a result of an incorporation-type demerger from DYNAM Holdings Co., Ltd.
August 2012 DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. becomes the first pachinko hall operator to be listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.