Charter of Corporate Behavior

DYNAM Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

The raison d'être of a company is to achieve sustained growth in line with the expectations of stakeholders, including shareholders, managers, employees, partners, financial institutions and customers, and to achieve a scale and a level of reliability that enable it to contribute to society. All employees of the DYNAM Group share this principle.

The DYNAM Group calls the stakeholders described above “partners in trust.” We are committed to strengthening our relationship with these partners through our business activities, so that we can grow based on a far-reaching vision. As it grows, the Group will consistently fulfill the roles expected of it by each stakeholder, to ensure that stakeholder trust also grows.

Trust, however, is fragile, and even a momentary lapse of focus can damage it forever. To ensure that it can continue to conduct its business without compromising that trust, the DYNAM Group has adopted new internal control systems to improve its operations. These systems also clarify and eliminate factors that have the potential to lead to misconduct or violations of laws and regulations.

All DYNAM Group employees, including those that work in the field, constantly take initiatives with full knowledge that such actions help to improve their operations. Through these initiatives, each member strongly believes that the DYNAM Group can achieve stronger operating results and more effectively contribute to society.

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