Challenges of DYNAM

Challenges of DYNAM

DYNAM has consistently taken on challenges, aiming to reform pachinko games to create truly enjoyable and reliable popular entertainment. With the support of its stakeholders, DYNAM has now expanded its operations to manage more than 300 halls. As DYNAM has pursued this path, it achieved a number of industry firsts, including the adoption of the chain store theory, the construction of low-cost wooden standard halls, the obtaining of credit ratings, and the creation of a labor union. DYNAM will continue to take on challenges in the future, with visions and actions unhindered by convention.

The industry's first earnings briefing

Information disclosure is one of DYNAM's management policies. DYNAM believes that, to improve the social status of the pachinko industry, it is necessary to encourage as many people as possible to properly understand the current state of the pachinko industry and pachinko hall management companies. Consequently, DYNAM has been holding a semiannual briefing for financial institutions and securities companies since reporting its earnings for the fiscal year ended March 1997. It was apparently unique for a non-publicly traded company like DYNAM to hold such a meeting. And no pachinko hall management companies were disclosing their earnings in 1997. Today, an increasing number of such companies hold briefings and disclose their results on their websites.

The industry's first investment-grade rating

After DYNAM earned high marks for its strong growth, planned management policies, and initiatives in information disclosure, it received a long-term issue rating of BBB for its long-term unsecured bonds, and a short-term rating of a-2 for its commercial paper, the first investment-grade ratings received in the pachinko industry, from the Japan Bond Research Institute (now Rating & Investment Information, Inc.) in 1997. In October 2008, DYNAM obtained a long-term senior debt rating of BBB and a short-term CP rating of J-2 from the Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. Obtaining these ratings from two institutions has improved DYNAM's credit strength, giving it high credibility in the eyes of financial institutions.

Ratings as of April 2010 (Japan Credit Rating Agency)
Senior debt: BBB
Rating outlook: Stable
Domestic CP: J-2

The industry's first labor union

The DYNAM Union, the first labor union in the industry, was formed in 1998, and has been helping to ensure a sound working environment. The union is evidence of DYNAM's commitment to reforming the industry and its belief in the importance of creating an environment in which all employees can work comfortably.